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The hunger poem, for all the starving ladies
The Hunger Poem, For all the starving ladies out there.
My heads aching, my thoughts are bleak
My knees are shaking, my body is weak
My stomach is grumbling, oh how I'd like to eat
But my body is so thin, i think it looks sweet
I starved for affection, and hated what I saw in the reflection
so busy starving to look sexy, that was my ultimate reality
i never bothered trying to 'wow' anyone with my personality
didn't bother stopping to think that my body added on to my individuality
i was my worst enemy making my body suffer with such brutality
and it still would never be perfect enough for me
my way of thinking was so distorted
eventually i resorted to heaving and hurling
sick to my stomach
even though i knew i shouldn't have done it
i just wanted a perfect body
and see for four years that was me
so frustrated that i didn't have the perfect body that you see on tv
so busy starving i had forgotten what it felt like to be me
I used to think I didn't deserve to eat
I played that sentence i
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Pimpshack Child
If I were to have a child,
I would definitely raise
Her to be thankful, all the time, for everything
And by the time I'm done raising her,
She will know how to stand strong, and,
She will look each burden and each demon in the eye,
And thank them
And yes, if I could shield her away from every pain, I would
But I know that there will be days when the sun doesn't seem so bright,
And I hope that she sees a silver lining on every cloudy day
And I hope that she will always wear her heart on her sleeve
Like her mom tried to always do
Because I want her to believe that love only makes us stronger
I want her to see the silver lining in
Every cloudy day
Because there will be days where the only
Kisses she receives are ones from puddles of mud that life has kicked her into
And I want her to know that its only because
These puddles of mud need kisses sometimes too
And I will say to her, child there are moments
When you will feel small, but every time you feel
Small I want you to go out and look a
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Linda G.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I love to make food & make pretty much anything from bracelets to dreamcatchers to drawing to painting.
Yay! So today I hopefully will be going to see my old carving mentor and ask if I can start carving at his studio again! I really want to carve one more flower before I move down south for school... in 2ish months... so I got a lot of stuff to get to! ^.^ I'm not trying to get my hopes up though, I'm not sure if he would let me back in his studio but when I finished carving with him we were on good terms. He is an amazing teacher and said I was welcome at his studio anytime, sooo that's why I'm kinda being positive that he will allow me to come back. This whole getting ready to leave for school stuff is tiring, such a task that I don't have the attention for so I'm getting worried I might not end up leaving this year. But then again I have no money for moving and just no money in general so moving and living will be awfully difficult in the end... Anyways I'm very close to finishing my painting of Buddha! Almost finished his face :D maybe a few more hours of working on it and it will be finished. I'm being as much of a perfectionist as I can allow because this one I want to be absolutely perfect and so far I'm very happy with how it's looking. I have been very at peace when I work on Buddha, I'll be very sad or stressed out but I go to work on Buddha and I forget all my problems and just paint and feel infinately peaceful and abundant. :)

And I just want to share a story about Buddha I found and was quite touched by it:

A woman named Kisa Gotami was married to a man at a young age and she moved to live with his family in a town called Kapilavattu. She was unhappy living there, she was homesick and felt as though no one liked her. And then once she had a baby, everything changed and she became much happier as everyone was pleased. But one day when the baby was still young, her husband died. Though she was upset, she made the best of what she could, "At least I still have my son." But then one day the baby had gotten very ill and passed away. She was very depressed and in denial, carrying her baby's body around asking every one in town for help, for medicine. People had thought she went insane. After asking so many people, one man had told her to seek help from Buddha. She went to Buddha and told him she needed medicine for her son. He looked at the bundle in her arms and could see the boy was dead, and that Kisa needed help accepting her son's death. He told her that if she wanted to make medicine, she needed mustard seeds. He told her to go into town and recieve mustard seeds from a house in which no one had died. Kisa went into town and began asking for mustard seeds from each house, but she couldn't accept any of the mustard seeds, for in each house the family had lost a loved one. Eventually she understood Buddha's message; everyone loses someone they love, and that with life comes death. She then buried her baby's body, became at peace with his passing, and returned to buddha to thank him for his message. "You have done well, Kisa," said the Buddha, "for there is nothing stronger in all the world than a mother's love. Would you like to stay with me for a while?" As the sun went down over Kapilavattu, Kisa and the Buddha talked. She told him about her life and her baby. He listened kindly. The Buddha reminded Kisa that plants grow in the spring, flower in the summer, and die in the winter - and that new plants grow the following year. Similarly, people are born and eventually die. Kisa now understood that was just how things are.

Talking to the Buddha and listening to his kind words helped Kisa a lot. That very evening she decided to become one of his followers.
Having lost someone very dear to me at the end of last year, this story helped me to be at ease and to help with my sadness, and I hope you enjoyed it as well.


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Love the phoenix and aphrodite !

She looks so pretty and the phoenix, a king of fire!
InconsistantMe Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D I'm working on a much larger phoenix painting as well, I'm looking forward to the finished product but it is also very fun to paint! I love the what the phoenix symbolizes, I think they are my favorite mythical creature ^_^
I can tell that the magic has blessed your life and your art and the Muses have danced for you:D!
InconsistantMe Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!!! :)
Piquia Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
gracias por tu comentario.....

InconsistantMe Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
de nada! Keep up the good work :)
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